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We are 6 beer enthusiasts who transformed our hobby of tasting, enjoying, and reviewing beers into brewing them. You can find the latest brews by your favorite west-frieslanders right here!

Extra Creamy

Stoute Wouter

  • A sweet and creamy stout of 6% made with real marshmallows.
  • Made in November 2021.

Sint & Pieter

  • A smooth but refreshing stout of 7.1% with a hint of pepernoot.
  • Made in October 2021.

Passievol Uitgewoond

  • When our friend PasC got his new place we knew what his housewarming gift was gonna be!: A crisp pale ale rich with local grown Waarlandse hops.
  • Made in October 2021.

Release the Kraken

  • The wood in our barrels was allowed to soak up all the Kraken rum it desired before giving back its flavor to our brew.
  • Made in August 2021.

Prof. Oak

  • Ipa with a layer of oak wood flavor.
  • Made in August 2021.
blond bier

Rick is al bijna

  • A strong blonde of 9.7%.
  • Made July 2021.

Sappige Summit

  • A fruity Pale Ale of 4.7% with vibes of grapefruit.
  • Made in April 2021.

Wouters onschuldigheid

  • A Cascade session API of 4.6%. Made with love in April 2021.


  • A champagne like cider of 5.8%
  • Crafted using bio+ apple juice and SafCider yeast
  • Split into batches with different bottle sugar
  • Made January 2021
Extra smerig

Christmas ale

  • Our first Goeietoei brew, brewed after the RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINBEER recipe.
  • Made ~60 bottles, of which most got infected :(
  • Luckily we learned a lot!
  • Bottled December 2020


  • Our new beers will be added here soon


  • Our new beers will be added here soon


Read what people think of our craft!

"Enorm lekkere pale ale met een mooie rode gloed en citrusachtige afdronk. 3.75/5"

Tosca T. Tosca T. / Toscalicious

"Deze sappige summit is een heerlijke zachte APA. Lekker. Hulde aan de brouwer ❤️ 3.5/5"

Julian B. Julian B. / Juuuliantjee

"Dit biertje is zeker zeer Sappig! ... zacht, fruitig en licht hoppig van smaak! Een erg lekker biertje om met een zonnetje erbij van te genieten! 3.75/5"

Julian H. Julian H. / JulianH

Brewing beer

Instead of having a single brewery, we have a traveling kettle that joins us at all our tasting events! You can find pictures of our previous brewing events below and on our instagram.

Beer Tasting

6 Wild males

With different tastes and opinions.

Over 100 beers have been tested

Each session 4 to 6 beers are tested and judged on 10 characteristics. The results of these tests are automatically published on the goeietoei board.


These hero's are turning your water into liquid gold


Triple and blond lover. Brings insights to biological produced produce.


IPA lover. Cold is gold.


Saison and Triple lover. Takes care of (web)design and the brew setup.


Quadtripple lover. Maximizing alcohol is maximizing enjoyment.


IPA lover. Adds his French palette to the mix.


Likes m white, blond, and brown. Makes sure our cash flow stays fueling our brews.

Got any questions or tips?

Send us an email at homebrews[at]